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MONDAY, 18 JULY 2016

Christopherson Business Travel’s Technology Provides Actionable Intelligence for Proactive Travel Management

  • Christopherson Business Travel’s Technology Provides Actionable Intelligence for Proactive Travel ManagementChristopherson Business Travel’s Technology Provides Actionable Intelligence for Proactive Travel Management

Christopherson Business Travel is launching a number of technology enhancements in conjunction with an initiative to advance their integrated software platform, AirPortal®, to a new level of travel management. By providing business intelligence that is digitally transformed into actions, these enhancements help travel managers direct their programs both proactively and preemptively.

"We live in an age of information overload," said Mike Cameron, CEO of Christopherson. "Companies need more than just business intelligence to be competitive. But the challenge isn't where or how to find the data, it's what to do with it once you have it. We're designing tools to help you figure that out. Our latest technology developments provide the advantage of 'actionable intelligence' to empower travel managers as they direct their travel programs faster and smarter."

Among the most notable enhancements are those made to Christopherson's AirPortal 360™ dashboard for travel managers, and Airtinerary®, the company's intelligent itinerary for business travelers.

AirPortal 360 now includes My Action Items, a work-to-zero tool which pulls data from Christopherson's various technology and presents a list of action items. Such items may include travel plans needing approval, reminders to use expiring airline tickets, risk management duties, expiring vendor contracts, and more.

"Providing our clients with a work-to-zero dashboard that allows them to manage all their pending action items in real time is revolutionary for travel managers," Cameron said. "My Action Items is one more way we are helping our travel managers think forward and work strategically."

Another enhanced tool is Christopherson's Airtinerary, which now allows travelers to interact with their travel plans. Travelers can modify, add, or delete plans, and purchase trip insurance, among other actions, directly from the mobile-responsive Airtinerary.

"'Mobile first' is one of our mantras," Cameron said. "Whether it's our existing technology or new tools, we develop intuitive, elegant, and responsive technology that meets the needs of our clients where they are and helps them be proactive about their pending action items."

Among other enhancements is a new dashboard for the company's Hotel Attachment tool, that helps travel managers better manage compliance and risk by knowing which travelers' plans are incomplete and provides the ability to send reminders to complete those plans prior to travel.

Christopherson plans to unveil these enhancements at the 2016 GBTA Convention and Trade Show in Denver, CO July 18-20.


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